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2016 is going to be a colourful year

Neonsplash Paint-Party is an always evolving concept. Our team is working hard to always surprise the crowd with NEW visuals, NEW light shows, NEW acrobats, NEW dancers and plenty of NEW surprises including a LOT of Neon Paint to make Neonsplash Paint-Party an experience you will never forget. Welcome to the world of NEONSPLASH and join us into an endless ocean of colors.

The best DJs have enjoyed spreading love and paint in what is definitely not an ordinary gig. Take a look at some of the great artists who have performed at Neonsplash : Martin Garrix, Watermät, Bakermat, Yves V, Henri PFR, Blasterjaxx, Jay Hardway, Sidney Samson, Fedde Legrand, Nervo, Borgeous, ...













What are NEONSPLASH nights like?

It’s impossible to describe the intense feeling of a NEONSPLASH Paint-Party the best thing is for your to come experience it.One thing is sure each event is different and full of surprises.

Does NEONSPLASH have a dress-code?

There is a preferred but not mandatory WHITE DRESS CODE. It can be anything you want shirt, top, bikini, T-shirt, suits,…

Does NEONSPLASH have a minimum age?

Most of our events are 16+. However, some events are 18+ or 21+ depending on local regulations. Please consult Facebook events to know the exact age limit for each night.


How do I get tickets?

Tickets are sold online via this website.

Can I buy tickets at the door?

Usually our shows are sold out before the event. We therefore advise you to buy your tickets as soon as you decided to join us.

What are Early Bird Tickets?

We generally have a limited amount of tickets with reduced prices, to reward our most loyal fans. If these tickets are sold out, tickets go to regular prices.


Is the NEON-PAINT washable?

Yes, the NEON PAINT washes off from most machine washable textiles. For best results, allow the garment to soak in water and washing detergent before placing in the washing machine.

Is the NEON-PAINT skin-friendly?

Yes, the NEON PAINT is skin friendly, non-toxic, approved and certified. However, this product is not a cosmetic nor is it a food product. Do not ingest. If this product comes into contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with plenty of water

Can I bring my own NEON-PAINT?

No, for safety reasons paint is only provided at the event by NEONSPLASH.

How do I get the NEON-PAINT?

Paint tokens can be purchased at the event at our paint-stands. Your paint tokens can be exchanged for Paint Bottles at the paint-stands 15 min before the paint drop.

What if my phone, camera or other items get damaged by the NEON-PAINT?

Since our paint is water based, we advise guests to be most careful with any technical items after paint-drop. NEONSPLASH cannot guarantee the safety of any items brought along by guests. We do however hand out free transparent seal-bags for phones and cameras at our paint-stands..


Can I use public transport after a NEONSPLASH show?

Yes, our paint is water based and designed to dry quickly, so that it will be no problem for any means of transportation.

Can I go travel by car after a NEONSPLASH show?

Yes, our paint is water based and designed to dry quickly, so it will not cause any problems for transportation. If desired in case of visitors leaving early, we provide free plastic seat-covers for cars.